1.1       This a revised rules and regulations of St. Peter's College, aims mainly at guiding new and old students of the College towards a holistic and balanced qualitative education for a balanced living here after. They are carefully selected and tried out of life principles relevant to their peculiar stage of human growth and development that would enable them mould themselves into God-fearing and responsible citizens of Nigeria, (Christians, Muslims and traditional religionists alike).

1.2       These rules and regulations are meant not only for the students but also for the members of staff to guide them in their duty of helping the students entrusted to their care.

1.3       They are also meant for the parents and guardians for their information and necessary action with respect to the training in character and learning of their wards in the College. We believe that this will enable them follow up the training of these students at home when they come home on holidays.

1.4       Any parent or guardian who is not satisfied with the provisions of these rules and regulations or notices some inadequacies in the said rules is free to make suggestions for amendments so as to improve the situation.

Resumption of School
4. 1      Students are expected to report back to school not later than 5:00pm on the resumption day.
4. 2      A card should be designed by the school for three terms for check.
4. 3      Any student who fails to return to school three days after resumption shall be sent home for two weeks.
4. 4      Students should ensure that they are properly checked in by a team of teachers on resumption before gaining access to the hostel. Defaulters shall be severely punished.
4.5       Surprised check on students shall be routinely conducted as deemed fit by the school authority to remove materials that are not allowed into the hostel. Confiscated items shall be destroyed.

5. 0      Vacations from the College
5.1       Students are expected to vacate the school compound not later than 3 pm on the day of vacation.
5. 2      On vacation days, students are expected to turn up for a formal dismissal assembly and collection of results and Newsletters.
5. 3      Defaulting students with respect to items 5.1 and 5.3 will be sent back to spend two weeks at home.

6.0       Movements
6. 1      Loitering in town by students without permission is intolerable. Defaulters will be suspended for one month.
6. 2      No day student should leave the school compound before the right time to do so. Any contrary without the permission of the Principal attracts severe punishment.
6. 3      No boarding student is allowed to leave the school compound without the permission of the House Master or House Mistress or the Principal or his assistant.  No student is expected to leave the school premises with his/her exeatduely signed. Second offenders might be expelled from the College.
6.4       The staff quarters is out of bounds to ALL students; boarders and day students alike.
6. 5      No student should be seen in and around the staff quarters without the permission of the Principal or his assistant. This is without prejudice to the students who are wards of members of staff residing with their parents or guardians.
6. 6      Students wishing to consult or discuss with any member of staff will have such within the school premises.
6 .7      Visiting is the first Saturday of the month. Parents will not be allowed other than this day to see their wards.
6 .8      No students shall go into the science laboratory/ Computer Room unless accompanied by the science teachers in charge or specifically sent by him or her.

7. 0      Relationship among Students
7. 1      This College is blessed with students from different cultural backgrounds, coming from almost all parts of the country. Our relationships must therefore be those of brothers and sisters of one nation bound in freedom. To this effect,
7.  2    Students must respect one another. There must be no bullying of any kind. Very severe punishment awaits first offenders, while second offenders may be expelled from the college.
7. 3      It is mandatory for any student that is bullied to report to the House Master or House Mistress or directly to the Principal or his assistant. Failure to report cases of bullying is a punishable offence in the school. Both of them will be severely punished.
7. 4      No students (Prefects and non Prefects alike) shall flog or beat another student. Defaulters will be severely penalized and will be required to bear cost in case of any injury. Second offenders might be expelled from the College.
7. 5      There must be no arson of any kind or case(s) of pilfering either of one another's belonging or of the school property or that of a member of staff. Offenders will be made to pay for the affected items, expelled and handed over to the police.
7. 6      The use of vulgar or abusive language(s) is strictly prohibited. Any student found will be made to empty the dustbins for two weeks.
7. 7      Relationship should be strictly formal and in the open. If found such students should be suspended for one month
7. 8      Any case(s) of informal or nocturnal relationship attracts grave sanctions. 7.7         applications to 7.8
7. 9      Any case(s) of abuse, intimidation or harassment is punishable with expulsion

8. 0      Dormitory Conduct.
                        House                                      Colour
1.         St Joseph                                 Blue
2.         St  Agatha                               Red
3.         St Matthew                              Green
4.         St. Ambrose                             Yellow


8. 1      The dormitory is not a play ground neither is it a market place nor a restaurant. It is a place of rest. Playing in and around the dormitories is not allowed. Noise making during periods of rest (siesta and night sleep) is strictly prohibited. The dormitory is not a classroom, studying in the dormitory is prohibited.
8. 2      Every student is expected to be on his/her bed at the stipulated times.
8. 3      The dormitory must be kept clean always. As such,
8.4       Students must always make their beds after each rest. Failure to do so,  such a student will be given hard labour.
8.5       There must be no littering of papers and other refuse items in and around the dormitory. These must be properly disposed.
8. 6      The spreading of dirty or washed clothes inside the dormitory is not allowed. If found, such students will be given hard labour.
8. 7      No student shall wash or take bath along the corridor of the dormitory. If found, such students will be given hard labour.
8. 8      Students are not allowed to cook and use the following: Stoves, heaters and other cooking materials will be confiscated and the owners severely punished.
8.9       There is always an inspection of the dormitory every Saturday by the House Mater and House Mistress. This, however, is without prejudice to the daily checks by the dormitory prefects and unscheduled inspection by the Principal or his assistant.
8. 10    Students are not allowed to use electrical appliances in the dormitory. If found, such items will be confiscated and will not be given back to the owners.
8. 11    Smoking, use of hard drugs, liquor or any other form of stimulants are prohibited. Offenders will be expelled.
8. 12    Stealing and pilfering shall never be tolerated. Offenders shall be expelled.
8. 13    When not in use, the dormitory must be under lock with no one inside unless the person is certified sick and cannot participate in the exercise in question. Students who fall sick must present themselves to the Health Prefect who in turn presents their case(s) to the House Master / Mistress or to the Principal or his assistant for permission to be in bed
8. 14    No body shall be in the dormitory during classes: 7:45am  2:00pm from Monday to Friday. Preps 4: 00pm to 5: 00pm and 7: 45 to 9:30pm everyday.
8. 15    Visitors including day students are not allowed into the dormitories. If found, the day students will be punished and the visitors be turned back.
8. 16    No male student shall be found in or around the girls' dormitories and no female student shall be found in or around the boys' dormitories.
8. 17    No student who has no completed his / her dormitory and feeding fees shall be admitted into the dormitory.
8. 18    Defaulters to one or more of the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of students in the school might be asked out of the dormitory.


9. 0      Dressing Code
9. 1      The school dress for junior female student is royal blue gown with white shirt. This is to be with white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 2      The day (dormitory) wear for junior female students brown check gown and brown trekkers.
9. 3      The Sunday wear for junior female student is yellow check gown with white stockings and brown sandals / trekkers.
9. 4      The school dress for junior male students is white short sleeve shirt upon royal blue trousers, then white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 5      The day (dormitory) wear for junior male students is blue check short sleeved        shirt upon royal blue trousers and brown sandals.
9. 6      The Sunday wear for junior male students is white short sleeved shirt upon royal blue trousers with white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 7      The school dress for senior female students is long or short sleeved white shirt upon navy blue skirt, then white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 8      The day (dormitory) wear for senior female students is brown check shirt upon brown skirt with brown sandals.
9. 9      The Sunday wear for senior female students is yellow gown. This should be worn with white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 10    The school dress for the senior male students is white shirt upon royal blue trousers with white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 11    The day (dormitory) wear for senior male students is yellow check shirt upon back trousers and brown sandals.
9. 12    The Sunday wear for senior male students is yellow check upon white trousers with white stockings and brown sandals.
9. 13    Students must abide by this dressing code and dressing must be proper to the occasion.
9. 14    Any student who dresses with clothes other than those prescribed in the prospectus will have such clothes  confiscated and burnt.
9.15     No student is allowed to use mufti of any sort while in school .
All dresses shirts, shorts, T shirts, togs, Jeans, Whether plain or coloured- other than those recommenced by the school shall be confiscated and may be given to the poor.


9.16     A summery of offenses attract automatic expulsion 
·    Smoking of any kind
·    Illicit sexual relation
·    Pregnancy  and abortion
·    Arson, mutilation and inscription of any school property
·    Use of candle and any electrical appliances.
·    Bulling of any kind
·    Exam malpractice.
·    Truancy, nonchalant attitude to academic moral and social program of the school.
·    Cultism
·    Disrespect for authority.        

10. 1    Hygiene:
A high standard of neatness and decency is expected of all students. This is to make for smartness in appearance and for a healthy living.
10. 2    Punctuality:  Punctuality as the soul of business is legendary. This is a very important value which each and every student must strive to cultivate. As such, lateness to or absence from appropriate exercises is strictly discouraged. Offenders will be flogged and if they persist such offender will be sent home.
10. 3    Sense of responsibility:  Some level of maturity and sense of responsibility is expected of all the students. As such, careless or laissez faire attitude towards things, events or situation shall not be condoned in any form. Hence,
10.3.1  Students should learn to be custodians of school property. Maintenance culture is an obligation for each and every student.
10.3.2  In case of eventual damage of school property, the careless student will be surcharged.
10.3.3  Walking along the school lawns or courts is not proper. Students should make their passage through the paths meant for such. Offenders will be flogged.
10.3.4  The jungle life of plucking or harvesting from economic trees in the compound indiscriminately attracts grave sanctions. Victim(s) of such offence may be surcharged accordingly. Such also holds for any person found tampering with the school garden and flowers.
10.3.5  Indiscriminate posting of bills around the compound attracts severe punishment. Culprits may be forced to take charge of the compound cleanliness for an indefinite period of time. Such will be the case of those found drawing on the walls of the school building.
10.3.6 Shouting across the compound suggests gross irresponsibility on the part of the students. Students are advised not to shout to or on people who are not proximate to them either for faster communication network or for whatsoever reason.
10.3.7  Respect to prefects (those the school placed in charge of offices/ responsibilities) must not be compromised. The school will not take it easy with any person found guilty of contempt of any the officers of the College.
10.3.8  Students should be sensitive to their environment. The task of custodianship of the school in general is a collective responsibility. As such, students should be alert to question any unfamiliar face in the compound.
10.3.9  Students should have due regard for all members of staff. Love, respect and help teachers. Approach them with childlike simplicity but also with the seriousness of a good student.
10.3.10            The kitchen area is out or bounds to all students except in an emergency or on official permission.
10.3.11            The school canteen is at the service if all. Obey and respect the canteen staff and follow the directives of the place when you go to buy your needs.
10.3.12            The health Clinic department is for the treatment of the sick and the injured persons. Please when you are there maintain silence and order. Obey the nurses and respect them as medical staff of the school.


11. 0    Religious Matter
11. 1    The paramount status of God in the events of our lives is not alien to our situation. We, therefore, appreciate and encourage efforts made in the direction of religious worship and growth.
11. 2    Admission into the school is without any religious sentiments, as such, there is total and absolute freedom of worship for each and every individual.
11. 3    No attempt is made to convert people from one religious group to another.
11. 4    The school creates the opportunity and organizes moral / religious instructions every Friday as from 1: 05pm for Christians while Moslems go to mosque.
11. 5    The instruction is non  denominational in the case of the former.
11. 6    The school authority is not aware of the presence of any other religious sect or group other than the Christians and Moslems and has not given approval for the activities of such a sect as a group.
11. 7    Every student of St Peter’s College Toto/Keffi, shall attend all the common prayer sessions of the school including the Holy Mass and must not constitute any distraction in the prayer arena. In the absence of any coercion, students should identify with one of the religious groups approved by the school. Any student who deliberately fails to do this shall be severely  punished. Habitual offenders shall be expelled.
11.8     Have a due regard for all members of staff.  Love, respect, and help teachers. Approach teachers  with a childlike simplicity and  with the seriousness of good student. Never lag behind in any thing, be goodwill, take initiatives and make consultation. All students must be able and willing to sing the National Anthem, Pledge as well as sing the College Anthem.
11.9     Endeavour always to participate fully, actively, dutifully, punctually, cheerfully, in all school activities
·    Prayers and religious service.
·    Songs and choruses,
·    Dining and cleaning up,
·    Morning assemblies and class work,
·    Studies and labours.
·    Games, Sports and club
·    Socialization and evangelization.

12.0     Miscellaneous
12. 1    No collection (monetary or otherwise) should be made in the school in honour of any fund without the express permission of the Principal. Defaulters will be made with grave sanctions.
12. 2    No transaction or commerce of any sort shall be carried out in the school without the expressed permission of the Principal.
12. 3    Well organized games and sports are compulsory for every student. Every student is expected to participate in at least two sporting activities in the college.
12. 4    The use of lip sticks, coloured powder, ear  rings, finger rings and eye make- up are prohibited. A student who violates this will be punished publicly and if it persists such offenders will be suspended for two weeks.
12. 5    All forms of strikes, demonstrations or rioting are strictly prohibited and punishable by expulsion. Students should make other grievances known to the Principal through the appropriate channels. Available channels include: opinion box, staff functionaries such as Form Master / Mistress, House Master / Mistress, Food Master, Games Master, School Prefects etc. In the alternative, a direct report to the Principal or his assistant is highly encouraged.
12. 6    Students should learn to be polite and charitable to everyone at all times. Anything to the contrary is seriously frowned at.

13. 0    Conclusion
13. 1    All the items of these rules and regulations and all other conventions proper for our  situation which may not have found expression in this provision are binding and must be lived out to the later by all concerned. Any contrary attracts grave sanction.
13. 2    Without the guiding principles, the persistence progress and stability of any establishment will be very much exposed to compromise and consequent collapse. Against this background, a formula like this becomes not only necessary but also obligatory for any issue concerning the establishment. For ease of accessibility clarification and reference, we have taken the pains of documenting these ethoses in black and white.
13. 3    We pray and invite all to do the same so that the provision herein made will help    in no small measure in seeing us through to the best of our situation.


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